Data Protection

What’s Your Data Protection Plan?

Backing up your business information is only the first step in data protection. A complete data protection plan ensures your backup data is recoverable anytime. This means that safeguarding your backup media from physical damage and theft is essential.

Climate-Controlled Vault Storage

Off-site storage in the proper environment is essential for protecting and preserving your information from unauthorized access and disaster. The Data Vault offers the ideal solution for protecting and preserving your digital media and vital records. Our media vault is designed specifically for the secure storage and preservation of digital media and vital records by employing these features:

  • 12” thick exterior walls
  • 10” thick interior walls
  • A redundant roof system
  • A four-hour fire rated steel vault door
  • Environmental controls

Consistent monitoring of temperature and humidity levels preserves your sensitive media assets in the optimal long-term storage environment. An FM-200 fire suppression system within the vault provides waterless fire protection for your off-site media inventory.

Only The Data Vault’s screened and qualified employees have access to our data protection facilities. The vault is monitored round-the-clock by a UL- and FM-approved independent security company and is equipped with video surveillance, motion detectors and access control systems.

Backup Rotation Services

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Scheduled rotation of your backup media is a critical step in making sure your company can quickly restore data lost to disaster, human error or hardware and software malfunctions. With The Data Vault’s backup rotation service, we regularly transfer your media to our vault for secure storage. We offer customized individual tape and case rotation services tailored to your backup schedule, whether you prefer:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Outside of standard business hours

Our barcode tracking technology creates a verifiable audit trail for every item in your media inventory the moment it’s sent offsite or delivered back to you. We use a proprietary tape management system that includes a secure client web portal, making it easy for you to request tapes, generate reports and adjust your media rotation schedule as needed.

You have anytime access to your offsite media inventory. Our uniformed data protection staff uses GPS-tracked vehicles to transfer your backup tapes to and from our media vault. Specialized media containers ensure your backup tapes are securely handled and protected from the elements during transfer. To keep your data secure, we adhere to strict chain of custody procedures at all times.

In addition to our scheduled backup rotation, we offer expedited, emergency delivery services in case you find yourself recovering from a disaster affecting your place of business. Your backup media can be quickly delivered from our vault to any pre-designated recovery hot site.

The Data Vault is your trusted data protection partner. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

Hard Drive and Media Destruction Services

Every media asset eventually reaches the end of its useful life. At the point when your media is no longer needed, we can shred the items beyond recognition through our hard drive destruction or media destruction service and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.


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