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Data Recovery Challenges for Laptops and Mobile Devices

Ran across an excellent white paper last week by TechTarget titled Best Practices: Laptop and Mobile Backups Today. If you’re trying to manage backup and data recovery for a company with a lot of mobile users, it’s well worth the read.

data recovery louisvilleThe publication notes that even just a couple of years ago, there really were no easy solutions for backing up a laptop used by an employee who was always working remotely. You know the drill: You tell that employee to back up their information whenever they connect to the network and — whoops — it doesn’t happen. So when it comes time for a data recovery operation, there’s nothing to be recovered.

The TechTarget white paper explores many of the challenges, but also looks at current solutions and answers a lot of frequently asked (but infrequently answered) questions. One I read with interest was about current ways to ensure data recovery for laptop and mobile devices.

“As for mobile devices, the most popular option to date has been the use of apps that back the devices up to the cloud,” the white paper states. “However, these apps are often device-specific (Windows iOS, Android, etc.), which means that organizations might have to use a different app for each class of mobile device.”

Naturally, this made me think of Asigra-powered TDV Cloud, which features agentless backup for mobile devices.

The paper goes on to discuss backup and data recovery challenges and options related to BYOD, various cloud and hybrid solutions, emerging technologies and more.

And don’t forget: If you’re dealing with the challenge of backing up laptops and mobile devices, contact us at 502.244.1152 to find out more about TDV Cloud.


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