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Effective Data Recovery for BYOD

A recent article over at revealed some interesting statistics regarding BYOD (bring your own device) and the issues with BYOD data recovery. Most importantly, it offers some tips for making the two work together.

Citing a 2011 study by IDC and Unisys, the article notes that at that point 50 percent of poeple use personal devices to conduct business while on vacation. Yet another study noted that by the end of 2013 more than 60 percent of U.S. companies will allow BYOD.

BYOD - bring your own device data recoveryThat said, the latter reports 160,000 phones are lost across the US every day. Yikes. That’s scary stuff when you know your company’s data might be in one or more of those phones.

So what to do about data recovery with BYOD becoming so prevalent so quickly? Well, the article offers a number of good tips, including having firm processes and policies in place. Meanwhile, TechRepublic has a ready-made BYOD policy that you can use as a template for your organization.

Another step you can take is to get the right data recovery solution. TDV Cloud is our obvious suggestion, since it already has the capability to backup laptops, smart phones and tablets. Combine that with policy and procedure and you should be safe.

That said, a lost cell phone could also mean a potential breach. That’s why strong policy is just as important as your backup and recovery solution.

To find out more about data recovery for BYOD, contact us today.


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