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Data Recovery in Action: 1,200 Lost Files Saved in Less Than a Minute

It was bound to happen sooner or later; we have lived, breathed and slept cloud-based data recovery ever since we launched TDV Cloud last year, and this week we got to use it in an actual data recovery scenario.

data recovery sad guy

“It wasn’t me! I swear!”

Oh, we’d tested it successfully many times, and our customers seem to believe in it as well, so it isn’t as though we had any worries. But in the midst of making some network repairs after a power surge, one of our employees inadvertently deleted 1,200 personal files from his virtual desktop.

Yes: 1,200.

Many of these files were critical to his role, although luckily they did not affect customer files in any way. Still, the files were gone, the employee then realized what he’d done, and I’m sure some mild panic set in. (We won’t name this employee, to spare him any undue public humiliation.)

When Kenny, our IT guru, came into work this morning, the employee sprang the data disaster on him. Kenny logged into the TDV Cloud software and went to work. A very, very short time later, all the files were restored.

“It took 38 seconds to restore them all,” Kenny said.

“Oops,” said the anonymous employee in question. “Thanks, Kenny.”

That’s data recovery in action, folks. You ever try doing that with data tape?

Anyway, file this one under “eat your own dog food.” We gave it a whirl this week, and it tasted pretty darn good.

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