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Data Retention Risks

Employee on laptop is a potential data retention risk

How much information are your company employees hoarding?

Unused data is a potential security risk, with old spreadsheets, reports, and email containing industry secrets and laced with company gossip. Each staff member might have two dozen email conversations, half as many documents, and a couple of larger group collaborations going at any one time. Whether it’s saved as a file on hard disk, as an email attachment on a PC, or on a company server, if that data is not being used it really is time to consider deleting it.

A certain amount of romance is attached to old data. Documents and spreadsheets created, worked on and saved over the past 20 years can tell a story of a career, or the progress of a department – even a company. This old data has a nostalgic flavor, which is why it can be hard to disassociate from it. While these legacy documents might offer business continuity in the event of a data disaster scenario, on the whole they are self-indulgent and (from a legal standpoint) dangerous to retain.

Users will be reluctant to delete material they have previously considered useful. Concerns about the usefulness of a policy that could result in the loss of potentially vital data will also be shared. If you need helpful advice and guidance on what a successful data retention policy looks like, The Data Vault can help. We’ve been consulting with clients for over 30 years on the best way to handle their information storage needs, and with our experienced staff we are certain to find a solution that fits you.


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