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Data Tapes Just Keep Going and Going …

Reading a blog post about data tape recently over at, it dawned on me that data tape is kind of like vinyl records. Or the Energizer Bunny. They just keep going and going and going …

Seriously, though, cloud evangelists have been predicting the demise of data tape for some time, but there seems to be no disappearing act here. Blogger George Crump’s post notes that tape continued to be an important part of the storage infrastructure through 2013. Yes, metal is doing a lot of the heavy lifting, he wrote, but it has not replaced tape. In fact, tape continues to be a trusted mechanism for archiving and periodic backup.

data tape bunny

Why? Because tape continues to be cost effective. We all know the sheer amount of data that needs to be stored is growing like proverbial weeds. How do we store it all? As it is, storing on disk or in the cloud can simply grow costs as fast as the data grows. Crump points to technologies that create lots of data, like high-resolution video cameras, smart phones and tablets.

“Tape is still the leader in cost per GB and power efficiency,” he wrote. “Technologies that make disk more price competitive, like deduplication and compression, are not as effective on this machine-generated data, as it is often unique and precompressed.”

Hey, we at The Data Vault understand. Sure, we offer cloud recovery services, but our business was built on data tapes, and we continue to serve a large number of customers, some of them very large corporations. That’s no accident — what we find is that C-level decision-makers are still looking for the most cost effective solutions. Luckily, we offer the best of both worlds.

Crump also points to new innovations in data tape that keep the technology moving forward. If that sort of innovation continues, he says, 2014 could be another good year for a time-honored storage solution.

And going and going and going …


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