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Declutter Your Document Storage


Summer is a natural slow time for businesses (theme parks being a notable exception) as many Americans go on family vacations and take time off work. With this in mind, it can be the perfect season to make some progress on streamlining your organization’s records management system; leading to greater productivity and less frustration when things kick back into gear.

Take Inventory

Before you can manage your records effectively, you have to understand what you already have and how it’s currently handled. It’s a good idea to solicit the help of each department in your company when doing this, as individual file types usually have varying legal requirements when it comes to retention. With a little teamwork, this task can be a lot more manageable than it seems; but if you don’t have the time to conduct an assessment yourself a professional records management service can assist in this task.


Once the inventory taking portion is complete, the next step is to reduce the amount of duplicate and unnecessary information present. You may be surprised by how much paper your business handles and the amount of storage space it requires, but it’s not uncommon for documents to be copied or printed and filed several times. To prevent identity theft and corporate fraud, excess paperwork containing confidential client or employee information should always be securely destroyed by a certified document destruction service.

You can reclaim even more space by storing your records off site at commercial records centers designed to protect and preserve sensitive business documents. Barcode technology enables your files to be properly cataloged and tracked according to legal retention requirements, while client web portals allow you to search for and request files as needed.

Reduce Paper Dependence

Everyone has heard buzzwords surrounding the “paperless office” concept, but even if you can’t go 100% digital there are still many benefits to be had from reducing the amount overall. Converting your documents creates more efficient access to your information, and a specialty professional document scanning service can reduce file storage costs, improve your organisation’s workflow efficiency, and make future cleaning much easier.

The Data Vault has been partnering with clients in the Louisville community to offer secure, accessible, and reliable information management solutions since 1984. Contact us today and one of our experts can help craft a custom solution to meet your unique records management needs!


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