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Determining the Best Scanning Solution for Your Business

concept of optical character recognition software pile of paper documents being turned into digital data (laptop with progress bar) vector illustration on mesh backgroundIt’s no secret: Document scanning addresses a variety of paper-dependency-related problems. But not every document scanning service is the perfect match for your business. In this blog, we break down different types of scanning services so you can decide which best fits your needs and budget.

Image Service Bureau

You may consider buying scanners and scanning software if your company has an ongoing need for document scanning. But it isn’t cheap. A high-speed scanner alone can cost several thousand dollars, and that’s before maintenance and operation costs. You also need space to store the scanner and related equipment.

An imaging service bureau eliminates having to purchase, maintain, and repair expensive scanning technology. It offers a turnkey solution for your immediate and long-term document scanning and image storage needs. A team of highly-trained imaging technicians handle each step of the document scanning process for you, including:

  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Image enhancement
  • Quality control
  • Post-scanning secure destruction
  • Archiving original documents

As a result, your scanning projects are completed promptly, cost-effectively, and with exact attention to detail.

Backfile Scanning

Backfile scanning refers to converting large volumes of documents to digital files. As more organizations decide to go paperless, backfile scanning has become increasingly popular. Many companies integrate their backfile conversions into an existing document management and enterprise content management (ECM) application.

If your business wants to save thousands of dollars by going paperless, a backfile scanning service offers the perfect solution for converting vast amounts of records promptly and efficiently.

Scan on Demand

Some organizations just need more office space. A Scan on Demand service combines offsite document storage with document imaging. Your records are stored in a secure records center during their retention lifespan. When or if a record is needed, it’s converted to a digital file and uploaded to a secure internet portal where it can be accessed and viewed by authorized personnel. Scan on Demand offers the perfect solution for reducing the constraints of a cramped office and amortizing your document conversion costs.

Blueprint Scanning

Not every business uses standard-size documents. Architectural and engineering firms, contractors, and surveyors create and use large-format documents. A blueprint scanning service converts large-format documents in the following sizes into digital files that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere:

  • Standard U.S. Architectural 9×12″ to 36×48″
  • Standard U.S. Engineering 8.5×11″ to 34×44″

Each scanned drawing is inspected for uniformity and quality prior to delivery.

Workflow Scanning

Productivity is nearly impossible, especially when you’re constantly trying to keep up with daily paperwork. A workflow scanning solution eliminates having to spend time manually locating and retrieving paper records. The following documents are digitized and transferred to a storage location of your choice:

  • Purchase orders
  • Invoices
  • Credit applications
  • Human resources records

They can even be uploaded to an image hosting service that helps you find and manage your digital information with the click of your mouse.

As you can see, there are many scanning solutions to choose from. If you need help tailoring one to your needs, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

The Data Vault offers imaging services to businesses in Kentucky and southern Indiana.


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