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Digital Scanning Saves Historical Documents

When it comes to historically valuable documentation, careful decisions go into preserving their integrity for future generations. However, even the best conservation program can find that vulnerabilities to light and heat still persist despite efforts to negate their presence. This concern becomes especially prevalent when working with documents created on paper media, as centuries of time and handling can be unkind to their composition.

When presented with these issues while deciding how to preserve their Revolutionary War era records, Northumberland County in Pennsylvania turned to a digital scanning service to archive their documents for posterity. Longtime fears that their previous storage (within a damp and dusty basement under the county courthouse) had caused irreversible damage proved to be unfounded, but with the potential for future flooding or other disasters the decision was made to move them to a more permanent form of storage. Careful handling during the scanning process ensured that no further damage was incurred during the digitization process, and high quality scans were able to be created for permanent record keeping.

An additional benefit was greater access to a community that prides itself on it’s history and legacy. Previously anyone who wished to see the records in question had to journey under the courthouse into a basement that had previously been used as a jail, but with digital copies available online that trip became unnecessary. This aided both residents that had an interest in history as well as researchers looking for background information, creating a valuable resource for the public.

Here at The Data Vault, we’ve helped many organizations in the Louisville area preserve their valuable history through our digital scanning services over the years. Recent projects completed include uploading original blueprints, court records, and other valuable files; creating a lasting memory of this information. In addition to scanning their records, we also offer storage in our climate controlled vault that is designed to negate the effects of humidity and outside risks. If this sounds like something you or your organization could benefit from, head over to our contact us page and one of our experts will be in touch!

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