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Digitally Published Research Articles Surpass Print Editions


For the first time ever in academia, a significant shift in the way that scholarly papers are being released has occurred. Though almost all articles are still formally submitted for review in printed form, a survey by the renowned publication Nature indicates that research professionals now read over half of their peer’s writing in a digital format. Though this finding is skewed by demographics (professors over 65 reported that 58% of their readings were still on paper), as a whole the shift towards releasing and reading information via digital means has taken a clear lead over traditional paper based journals.

Another trend that has grown alongside the shift towards digital consumption of research is the digitization of older articles. Academic circles often require extensive citations that can reference decades of older work, but as we move towards modern publication methods those papers need to brought online for the benefit of future scholars. Scanning in back catalogs can seem like a daunting task, but with some of the largest institutions in the world able to successfully handle the challenges, the technological capabilities have clearly caught up with their needs.

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