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Disaster Recovery and Data Backup are Not the Same

Sometimes we talk about data backup around here, but usually the conversation is about data recovery or disaster recovery.

A succinct new article by Forbes points out the three reasons that data backup and disaster recovery are not the same.

disaster recovery louisvilleEssentially, data backup is about how you’re ensuring you won’t lose your data. It’s a tactical reference, whereas disaster recovery refers to an overreaching plan that includes data backup.

Our disaster recovery software partner Asigra’s slogan is, “Success isn’t about data backup. It’s about getting your data back.” Hey, it’s simple, but a lot of truth is.

As the Forbes article points out, backing up your data every night (or however often you do it) is only part of the process. What happens when there is a power outage? How long will it take you to retrieve lost data, and what are the processes for doing so?

Answering those questions up front is what has to happen in order to put a disaster recovery plan into effect. For instance, let’s say you have backup software in place and you’re monitoring it. But have you tested it? Have you tried completing a full or partial restore as if it were an actual disaster recovery scenario? Do you have access to the right hardware and environment to do a restore? Will your IT team have the proper know-how to make the restore happen? If not, to whom will you turn in a disaster recovery scenario?

IT professionals have a lot on their plates, and many simply feel they don’t have time to dig that deeply or to plan that meticulously. Unfortunately, those who feel comfortable in thinking having data backup in place is the same as having a disaster recovery plan may live to regret it.


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