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Disaster Strikes!

…are you ready?


If you’re more like the unfortunate gentlemen of the comic above, we can help. Disaster recovery is a topic that few people in the business world prefer to talk about but is a crucial part of planning nonetheless. While the United States is experiencing it’s quietest start to tornado season since World War I, severe weather is guaranteed to visit our region with a matter of time; bringing with it the possibility of flooding, hail, and tornadoes themselves. As part of a responsible plan, businesses ideally have a reinforced off-site storage space where their information can be backed up with peace of mind.

Here at The Data Vault, our name says it all. Building our core business around keeping your information safe, our climate-controlled vault was specifically designed to store media and other vital records in the most ideal environmental conditions. The facility was built to four-hour architectural fire specifications with reinforced 12” thick concrete block on the exterior walls, 10” thick concrete block on the interior walls, and a roof system with two standing seam steel installations, one atop the other. Access to the facility is through a four-hour fire rated steel vault door.

Furthermore, the vault is protected by an FM-200 Fire Suppression System, while the temperature and humidity range is constantly maintained within the critical standards required for computer media storage. The entire facility is protected by motion detectors and door entry contacts, with 24/7/365 monitoring by a UL/FM approved independent security company.

If you’re looking to implement a disaster recovery plan and need a place to start, we’ve got your solution. Give us a call at (502) 244 – 1151 and we can talk about your current plan, options for improvement, and how we can help. Combining our 30 years of expertise with your mission critical data, we can help give you peace of mind.


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