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Do Hard Drives Dream of Electric Sheep?

It would appear that perhaps they do – in a recent study by the Australian branch of NAID, a staggering 30% of hard drives that had supposedly been cleaned or recycled still had data on them from the previous owner. The 52 drives used in the study were randomly purchased and had been used by both corporate clients and private citizens, showing that concern is merited in both spheres. Included among the documents found were patient medical files, legal case files, personal photos of a highly sensitive nature, and numerous bank account statements/numbers.

By projecting that trend to the 5.3 million computers that are recycled annually in the United States, it would suggest that over 1.6 million of them still have sensitive data stored on their hard drives. The question from the concerned consumer or business owner could then be: What can I do to ensure this doesn’t happen to me?

While recycling your drives appears to be an environmentally friendly option that benefits everyone, there is an alternative that still maintains this integrity while ensuring the complete destruction of all data. Instead of merely wiping and reusing the storage device, shredding is the alternative that offers peace of mind coupled with a lower footprint. By guaranteeing that shredded materials are recycled after the process, our Data Shark system can help you maintain confidentiality in a world full of electronic threats. Call us today at (502) 244 – 1151 or head over to our contact form for a free, no obligation destruction services quote.



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