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Document Scanning: Four Key Factors to Consider

Steve Weissman, President of AIIM’s New England Chapter, has written an informative article for about the factors to take into account when considering a document scanning solution. You should definitely read the full article — especially if your organization is considering a document imaging solution — but we’ll summarize it here.

The first factor to consider is file type. Because a document can be captured digitally by any number of means — from traditional scanners to photos snapped by a smartphone — it is important to decided what form your documents should take, and make that a unified effort.

Secondly, how will the documents be delivered? Users are equipped with any number of devices, from the aforementioned smartphones to tablet devices to laptops. Make sure, when executing a document scanning initiative, you consider the delivery method.

Third, be sure to consider how your scanned documents will be stored. How large are the files? How much storage space will they occupy? Will they be safe stored in servers, or should they be backed up to some sort of cloud solution? How will they be accessed?

Finally, how will the document scanning process be completed? Will you pay an employee to personally remove staples, organize the documents and scan them one by one? There are plenty of options for outsourcing if that kind of manpower cannot be devoted to the job, and you’ll want to make sure you choose a document scanning provider who will deliver what you want.

Again, check out the article if you are considering a document scanning solution for your vital records. For info on The Data Vault’s document scanning services, give us a call at 502.244.1151.


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