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Do You Need Document Scanning Services Near You?

Is your business filled with a large amount of paper documents? If so, you may find that they’re difficult to manage. Most businesses find that even when documents are properly filed, it still takes too long to retrieve them. All the while, bulky file cabinets and boxes continue to consume costly office space. But the worst part is that these storage methods don’t offer access controls to protect private information and help your business maintain privacy compliance.

But don’t worry—The Data Vault has a solution for all of these problems.

The Data Vault’s Document Scanning Services

Our document scanning service digitizes your paper records so your business can be more efficient, secure and profitable. We turn your bulky, hard-to-find, insecure paper documents into easily managed and stored digital images. Our document scanning services help you:

  • Locate and retrieve information quickly
  • Streamline business processes
  • Free up costly office space
  • Keep your information private and your business compliant

We provide the technology, processes and expertise required to digitize your documents accurately and efficiently.

Document Scanning Services Made Easy

Without the right expertise and technology, going paperless is costly, time-consuming and may result in a jumble of disorganized digital documents. The Data Vault frees you from the need to invest in scanning equipment and staff. Our scanning technicians and project managers handle every step of the document imaging process for you:

  • File and document preparation
  • Data entry
  • Indexing
  • Image database management

From full-text optical character recognition (OCR) technology to customized conversion to the digital file format of your choice, our professional staff scans your documents accurately, to your exact specifications.

Document Scanning Solutions With Online Image Hosting

Once your documents have been scanned, The Data Vault also provides you with a secure repository to store and access them. We store your digital documents on our secure web server, which you can access from any location at any time. All file retrieval is logged to create an audit trail so you can prove your compliance with privacy protection regulations.

Need your digital documents delivered? We offer a variety of options to suit your delivery preferences:

  • FTP transfer
  • Email
  • CD/DVD

The Data Vault’s document scanning services accelerate your company’s information exchange, storage and distribution capabilities, lowering your information management costs.

To request a free document scanning quote, please call us at (502) 244-1151. If you’ve reached us after hours, or otherwise prefer, you may complete and complete our quote request form.

We look forward to helping you!


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