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Document Shredding, Imaging, Storage Can Help Thwart Costly Data Breaches

Stories about serious data breaches are becoming more and more common, and the risks are becoming more severe for businesses. Too many enterprises ignore the importance of document shredding, well-managed document storage and document imaging. And sometimes by the time they realize the importance, it’s too late.

A recent story by the Buffalo Law Journal reminds us that 60 percent of small businesses that suffer a data breach fail within six months of a cyber attack.

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Don’t gamble away your company’s future by ignoring data breaches.

And it’s more than just hackers putting your business at risk – mismanagement of paper records can be just as damaging. What if an employee is told do destroy several boxes of old files and, due to laziness or misunderstanding, tosses those files into a dumpster? That potentially puts your employees’ and/or customers’ private data at risk, and the result to your business can be devastating.

“For many of these small businesses, they risk their livelihood when it comes to a potential data loss, whether it is from an employee error or from a cyber-attack,” John Jablonski, a partner at Goldberg Segalla LLP and the co-chair of the cyber risk and social media practice group, told the journal. “You can face liability based on the negligent standard for allowing someone to steal information about your customers.

And because of strict government regulations regarding privacy breaches, he said companies are required to engage in costly measures to inform clients and address the issue that caused the breach. This can cripple even larger businesses.

“The cost can be great, both financially and from a business relations standpoint,” he said.

Here are four possible safeguards to consider when determining how to protect your company’s vital records:

Managed, off-site records storage. And no, we aren’t talking about a U-Stor-It garage. A managed records provider can securely store your paper files and have them indexed and accessible to you quickly. Not only does this eliminated the possibility of files being carelessly discarded or – worse – stolen, but you will actually have better access to them than if you haphazardly store them in random file cabinets and boxes on site.

Document shredding. Those files that wound up in the dumpster could have been turned to strands of useless paper and then destroyed securely. You say you have a document shredding machine at your office? Who is in charge of making sure every document is tracked, destroyed and disposed of securely? With an off-site provider, you can discard files into locked containers for pickup and off-site destruction.

Document imaging. Here’s a thought: Better protect and manage your paper documents by turning them into digital files via an off-site provider. Those files can be securely hosted by the provider with online access by a predetermined individual in your company for 24/7 access. That ends the worry that an employee who doesn’t understand the importance of keeping those files secure will carelessly dump them out back with the used coffee filters.

Cloud-based backup and data recovery. Yes, many believe cloud computing is an unsecured proposition at best. But you probably haven’t considered the latest and greatest, such as TDV Cloud, which is FIPS 140-2 Certified and fully compliant with regulations like Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley and others.


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