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Don’t be Hero – Notes for the Rational Recordkeeper

AIIM President John Mancini predicts big trouble for 2011. Among his twelve predictions for information management, it is forecasted that “some company” with a “public social network”—or any network, for that matter—with portable devices and security challenges will have “big trouble” with e-discovery of social network activity. The generality of these terms is sufficient to create unrest in any industry.

As recordkeepers scramble for an adequate response to yet another network security issue, a note might first be taken from the Greek tragedies or The Matrix, for that matter. Recall that in the rising action an oracle delivers to a hero some very bad news wrapped in a brain-teaser. In response, the hero attempts to reverse fate, toiling in worlds unknown until confronted by the irony that the oracle’s riddle is clear only in context of the ruin it foretells.

The information industry contains many worlds. Likewise, our worlds are inhabited by a variety of experts—IT specialists, recordkeepers, librarians, network administrators, security analysts and so on—with overlapping knowledge and concerns that span every activity in an organization. The trick for recordkeepers is to avoid the hero’s trap by recognizing the unique expertise in each area and developing a collaborative Records program.

An active and audited program can prevent (and when prevention fails, as it sometimes will, mitigate) “big trouble” on the horizon for information management. Don’t gamble that this year’s headlines about records from “some company” will not be about your company. Resolve instead to focus on the basics of recordkeeping and save time, money and resources for your organization.

Recordkeeping Recommendation of the Week

Communicate with your IT network and security teams: Share the link to the AIIM predictions for 2011, and request their expert review of records policies and procedures relevant to public social networks.

Written by: AGriffin


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