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Don’t Fight BYOD; Manage It

The trend of Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, continues to grow. It’s unnerving to IT professionals and corporate leadership alike, and there’s no doubting why: If you’re on a business trip in New York, and you accidentally leave a laptop filled with critical and/or sensitive data in a public bathroom, chances are that data is gone.

The early reaction was to stop BYOD all together, but as the work force becomes more mobile and even work-from-home policies loosen, it’s going to be impossible to stop employees from using their own smartphones, tablets and laptops for work duties.

tablets smartphones data, fortunately, has some beneficial BYOD tips if your sales force is using its own devices for work purposes.

Here are a couple:

    Define policies and design processes and procedures to protect intellectual property and sensitive information.
    Set expectations so everybody knows what will happen if the device is stolen or lost. Every user must know the backup approach, the retention policies, the wipe-out capabilities, etc.

Great tips. Here at TDV Cloud, however, we have software that – while it can’t prevent your employee from dropping their smart phone into their iced tea or leaving their tablet in an airplane seat pouch – can protect the data stored within those devices.

TDV Cloud employs a Cloud BURR-based mobile client that’s specifically designed for tablets and smart phones. Efficient and intuitive, it enables mobile users to back up and recover their own data, anytime, anywhere. In fact, you can download the app right to your iPhone or Android phone or tablet device.

A similar TDV Cloud software can be used for laptops, and is easily downloadable and user-friendly.

So, make sure you don’t leave your tablet, laptop or phone on the table when you leave the restaurant, because those devices are expensive and contain important data. But at least you can be assured the data will be backed up.

To learn more about TDV Cloud backup and data recovery, contact a TDV Cloud Specialist.


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