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Effective Strategies for Document Management

Trying to get a handle on your document management strategy? Does your business even have a document management strategy?

Steve Weissman over at posted a new article detailing four factors of effective strategies that can help your business.

In the article, Weissman points to the changing nature of how we use and share documents, and how quickly the delivery systems change — sometimes within a day or an hour of each other.

Think about it: You may scan a paper file and store it in your computer, but what if you then need to access it from your tablet device? Or even your smart phone? What happens then? Looking ahead is a big part of effective document management.

He also touches upon the increasing reliance of cloud-based backup. The right software can administer multiple machines across platforms to help tie your many machines together. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noted that The Data Vault recently announced a partnership with Asigra Cloud Backup to deliver just such a service.

Meantime, The Data Vault can help you get those paper records digitized so you can be prepared for the long-discussed “paperless society.”


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