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Enhancing Office Productivity


Organizations are only as efficient as their best employees, and having an uncluttered office is key to maximizing that potential. Time intensive searches for paperwork and other draining activities can slow down essential processes, leading to fewer growth opportunities in the long run for the affected business units. Here are a few tips that can help minimize disruptions and cut down on costs:

Heading To The Cloud 

Each physical file that goes missing can ultimately cost a company over $200 in time spent looking for it and creating a replacement. One of the most efficient time (and money) saving methods of mitigating this loss is through the implementation of a paperless office solution. By combining document imaging and cloud computing methods, records can be digitally indexed for easy search or retrieval. This also allows you to instantly store, organize, and access all crucial business data while freeing up office space for other uses.

Organizing The Desk

As mentioned above, an organized workspace can lead to real gains in workplace efficiency. Storing unneeded paper in the office can lead to unnecessary clutter, so disposing of old and unneeded documents is crucial to creating a streamlined environment. Additionally, sorting supplies by the frequency of their use and ensuring that computer desktops are clean can also help with ensuring operations go smoothly.

Adding Some Greenery

Recent studies by the University of Queensland in Australia have shown that workers in a “lean” office environment are up to 15% more productive with the addition of a few plants in the space. The rationale behind this finding includes the psychological effects of improved air quality, feelings of engagement with office space, and worker concentration. When considering how to improve employee morale, it might pay off to bring in a little green other than the monetary kind!


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