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ERM and ‘The Office of the Future’

“Nobody is expecting the paperless office any time soon, but we are beginning to see the less-paper office.”
Doug Miles, AIIM, Director of Market Intelligence, December 6, 2010

In 1975, George E. Pake, who headed Xerox Corp.’s Palo Alto Research Center until his retirement in 1986, predicted that desktop workstations would “change the office like the jet plane revolutionized travel and the way that TV has altered family life.” The same Executive Insight article in BusinessWeek (link above) details Pake’s description of the future workplace (circa 1995) where he has desktop access to documents, mail and messages “at the touch of a button.” About his predictions for the brave new desktop, Pake reflects, “I don’t know how much hard copy [printed paper] I’ll want in this world.”
At the end of last year, AIIM Industry Watch confirmed that offices finally are using less paper to conduct business. If this sounds like old news, it may be because we have been talking about the paperless office as imminent for the past 35+ years. However, the December 2010 AIIM Market Intelligence report “Capture and Business Process: drivers and experiences of content-driven processes” does more than confirm reduced use of office paper. It helps explain the ERM (electronic records management) business trend and offers realistic insights about the integration of technology into BPM (business processes management) and ECM (electronic content management).

“Some believe that the paperless office is not that far off.”
“The Office of the Future: an in-depth analysis of how word processing will reshape the corporate office,” – BusinessWeek, June 30, 1975

In 2011, it seems that we still are mulling over the business need for paper, even as we continue to work with less of it. Doug Miles, Director of Market Intelligence for AIIM, recently noted the beginnings of the “less-paper office,” evidenced among the 493 individual respondents to AIIM’s 2010 web-based survey and the resulting Market Intelligence report. The information industry now has proof that digital solutions are edging out paper-based processes, and the AIIM report offers strategies and recommendations for achieving results in the changing office environment.

Although focused on positives of ERM, the AIIM report also cautions against the tendency in organizations to implement point solutions (by department or function). Larger (enterprise) systems offer common indexing and storage solutions to manage records, processes and information. In the words of George Pake (April 1, 1924 – March 4, 2004), “How well we succeed depends on how well we understand the human interface and the thought process as they go through the daily work process.” With their latest report, AIIM offers insight into “the human interface” and outlines strategies for success in business process management.

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Written by: AGriffin


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