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Evolution of Data Protection: The Data Vault Story

When Dick Gladden founded the business that would become The Data Vault 28 years ago, he had a very different vision in mind than what the records management and data protection company has become.

At the time, silver prices were on the rise. People’s homes were being burglarized for their silver, so they found ways to store those valuables more safely, usually in banks.

“I wanted to go into the safe deposit box business,” Gladden said. Inevitably, silver prices came down, so he switched gears. At the time, computers were becoming more mainstream, and businesses were beginning to realize just how much critical information was being stored inside them. This led Gladden to alter his course and go into the business of securely storing computer records for businesses.


As it turns out, his hunch was a good one. To say the least, Silver never really took off again the way computing has. And while The Data Vault was built on storing data tapes, it soon expanded to storing paper records as well as other services such as shredding, destruction and document scanning. The business has grown accordingly, expanding several times and moving to a new location in Middletown in the 1990s.

Much like in the mid-1980s, Gladden has kept his eye on emerging trends in data protection, and the trend now is cloud backup and recovery – backing up digital data in a shared virtual environment so that it can be easily retrieved in the event of a disaster. To that end, after literally more than 10 years of study and careful consideration, The Data Vault recently launched a new product called TDV Cloud Backup – sort of a virtual data vault, if you will.

“There was always a feeling with the vault that the technology could change the next day and put the whole concept at risk,” Gladden said. This is precisely why he continued to follow trends in data storage so closely – and he has been proven correct.

“First we saw miniaturization of the media,” he said, which dictated that less space was needed to store more information. “The cloud concept started to hit home when we would do disaster recovery exercises for clients and it would literally take days.”

Cloud on a laptop

TDV Cloud is powered by Asigra Cloud Backup™, which is one of the top enterprise-level cloud providers on the market. The Data Vault partnered with Asigra in 2012 and officially launched the TDV Cloud platform in December as the only Asigra partner in Louisville. TDV Cloud is scalable, platform agnostic and is totally based on the client’s backup needs, which is an obvious advantage, but perhaps most importantly, it is much faster than data tapes when a recovery is needed.

“We’ve had to recover files from tape,” Gladden said, “and it’s a laborious process.”

When setting up the TDV Cloud platform last year, however, The Data Vault’s team set out to do a full system restore as a trial run with a goal of completion in four hours.

“We were able to do a full bare metal recovery in an hour and a half,” Gladden said. He said that while there is plenty of competition in cloud backup and recovery, TDV Cloud is different for two reasons: First, a focus on the aforementioned customer’s needs and flexibility. A customer can back up all of his or her data on the platform or just a portion, and they can also use a tape/cloud hybrid.

Secondly, he noted, even though TDV Cloud is digital, it’s important to The Data Vault’s customers that their data protection provider is local – and that they can “get in touch with someone at two in the morning,” if necessary.

“We think our niche is service-based,” he said. “We enable people to define what is truly critical. We think there is an advantage to storing locally and knowing exactly where your data is.”

Your silver is probably safe locked up in your cabinet these days; it’s a different story with critical business data, however. Luckily for Louisville businesses, Dick Gladden recognized that at a very early stage in computing.

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