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The Evolution of Mobile Data Backup


There’s no denying that the world is increasingly accessing their information through mobile devices. Handheld data usage grew 69% in 2014, with projections showing an increase of fifty seven percent annually over the next five years. In some parts of the world (Africa and the Middle East specifically) mobile internet usage outpaces traditional workstation access by a large margin, resulting in a completely different online ecosystem.

As employees switch to flexible work scheduling while on the road or away from the office, it’s imperative that support systems are able to adapt to this new reality. In particular focus right now is the world of cloud based applications, and how they can affect your data backups. Information from mobile devices oftentimes doesn’t reside in the central data center; making it difficult for IT administrators to properly back up and ensure data recovery. This data stored on tablets, smartphones, and laptops is often critical to business operations, but is often left to end users to protect and safeguard it. Additionally, even with enterprises that have integrated a third party information backup service into their plans you find that the scalability of those vendors is limited.

Thankfully, the marketplace has taken note of this vulnerability and has responded with a new generation of systems designed from the ground up with mobile computing in mind. The Data Vault is proud to partner with Asigra to offer one of these enterprise ready options, with the service consistently achieving award winning levels of reliability. Whether your workplace has traditional “road warrior” sales teams or just employees embracing the flexibility that smart devices provide, we can help make sure that an accident doesn’t cost your team critical information. Contact us today for a free consultation and one of our experts will be in touch!


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