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Extreme Weather and Paper Records Don’t Mix

the modern office hall interior with stairs flooded with waterWith the rising tide of identity theft and business fraud, every business needs a strategy for protecting paper records from unauthorized access. But snoops and thieves aren’t the only threats you should worry about; severe weather can destroy information stored on documents and files.

March was one of the wettest months in Louisville’s recorded history, so there’s no better time to step up your document protection and preservation efforts. In this blog, we discuss why offsite storage offers a reliable contingency solution for protecting your paper records extreme weather.

Paper: Resilient, Yet Susceptible

From ancient Chinese government records to modern-day medical charts, paper continues to be a reliable data storage medium. But despite its resilience, paper is also susceptible to fire, water, and pests, so where you store your business records matters.

Tucking away documents in a basement, attic, or warehouse without regard to extreme weather and other risks puts your information in danger. Basements are too problematic for paper record storage; their low-lying nature makes them especially vulnerable to flooding from rainstorms and hurricanes, and the pests basements are notorious for. In addition, following extreme weather events, documents stored in basements can be lost to mold, mildew and/or excessive moisture and humidity.

Attics are no better than basements for protecting documents from extreme weather. Heavy snow loads, excessive winds, and lightning can tear the roof off your facility, exposing your paper records to the elements.

Disaster Protection

Because of extreme weather risks, disaster recovery experts recommend storing business records offsite in a commercial records center. Look for one built using structural steel and sheathed in steel panels with a standing seam steel roof. This type of records center is designed to safeguard paper documents from natural disasters and extreme weather. Flood and fire risks are minimized through with the following systems:

  • carefully-spaced racking and aisles
  • specialized lighting and electrical outlets
  • zoned, in-rack fire sprinklers

A commercial records center offers the most secure place to store your paper records and protect them from extreme weather events and natural disasters. It also offers the ability to have your information tracked and managed by a team of records management professionals.

You can’t predict or control the weather, but you can protect your documents by using a records storage service.

The Data Vault provides records management solutions for businesses in and around Kentucky and southern Indiana. For more information about our cloud backup services, please call us at 502-244-1151 or complete the form on this page.


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