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Faces in the Vault: Meet Brad Curtis

Brad Curtis, who manages The Data Vault’s climate-controlled vault – where critical data is stored for customers, typically on data tape – recently celebrated his 10th anniversary as an employee of The Data Vault.

He actually began as a Records Center employee, retrieving and refilling boxes, as well as making delivery/pick-up runs. He moved into his current role in 2006.

“I scan in and out all of the vault media for the deliveries, slot daily tapes, and re-file all data entry,” he said. “I also charge and review all vault billing, assist in media destruction, Disaster Recovery tests, vault projects, etc.”


He said his favorite aspects of the job are the people he works with and the variety: “The job is interesting and never boring.”

When asked about his biggest challenge at The Data Vault, he cites the need for continuous improvement.

“There is always some type of improvement that can be made,” he said.

Away from work, he enjoys spending time with his family, being active in his church, playing golf, fishing, camping, gardening, University of Kentucky sports and traveling.

“I also enjoying playing with our Maltese, Rocco,” he said.

Asked for one thing that might surprise people about him, and he admitted he is a big fan of the TV show “Breaking Bad,” which stars Bryan Cranston as the main character.

“Walter White is my hero!” Curtis said.


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