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Faces in The Vault: Meet Kenny Tichenor

Kenny Tichenor’s phone rings anytime an employee at The Data Vault has a computer problem – it’s the life of an IT support specialist. And with TDV Cloud now part of The Data Vault’s core services, he also helps customers set up and manage their backup and recovery platforms.

Kenny Tichenor of The Data Vault

After training in Toronto last year to become a certified Asigra technician, Kenny has seen his role at The Data Vault evolve and grow.

While he’s a busy man these days, he also has an interesting hobby: In his spare time, one of the activities he enjoys is brewing his own beer at home. Kenny started home brewing in 2009, with a red ale.

“It was awful,” he said. But time and some good old fashioned trial and error have worked wonders. In fact, upgrading his equipment and honing his methods helped him win second place at the Kentucky State Fair for his American light lager in 2011.

“I started out with probably $100 worth of equipment,” he said, “and I have probably $2,000 worth now.”
Last year, he brewed seven or eight batches, most of it a keg at a time. While he has slowed down a bit since getting married last fall, he isn’t about to stop.

Asked what he likes most about brewing, he said, “Just experimenting with different stuff and trying to make something other people enjoy. It’s basically cooking.”


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