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Faces in the Vault: Meet Marilyn Glaser

A native of Minnesota, Marilyn Glaser joined The Data Vault’s imaging team eight years ago. Previously, she had spent 15 years working with microfilm, so it was a natural fit.

But the grandmother’s quiet, friendly demeanor would never suggest the fact that she used to be involved in archery and weight lifting.

Of course, that was quite a while ago at Stillwater High School. “That was so long ago,” she says, laughing. “But it was just fun. It was kind of a time when girls didn’t do those kinds of things, but I always liked the outdoors.”

marilyn glaser - the data vault

Today, she is more inclined to knit, but she also has been active in prison ministry in recent years.

“I’ve been to prison lots of times,” she says with a chuckle.

Marilyn also enjoys spending time with her grandson, Cole, who is 3. She has two daughters, Heather and Meredith, and has been married to her husband Scott for 34 years. They live in Pewee Valley with their cat, Jewel.

At The Data Vault, she spends most of her time turning paper records into PDFs.

“Eighty percent of my day is scanning,” she said.

And she’s good at it – she was 2013’s Quarter 1 Employee of the Quarter. Guess that means her bow and arrow are retired for good.


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