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Faces in the Vault: Meet Nick Lough

Marketing specialist Nicholas Lough is one of the newest additions to the team here at The Data Vault, joining the company about 4 months ago in February.

A recent graduate of Western Kentucky University, Nick’s responsibilities include maintaining the company’s public image, informing customers of business services they may be unaware of, and promoting the superior customer service experience that is part of working with The Data Vault. If you receive regular communications from us, chances are you’ve seen one of his postcards, email newsletters, or frequent blog posts.

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One of his favorite aspects of the job is the variety. Depending on the time frame and needs of the company, he could be “working on a website, designing a mailing, checking on our online advertisements, or evaluating new marketing services for value.”

Away from the job, he enjoys kayaking/being in the outdoors, attending live concerts, and playing music. As a former marching band member of 5 years, he also enjoys the game day experience of football games at his alma mater.


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