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Faces in the Vault: Meet Terri Cummings

Senior Customer Service Representative Terri Cummings has been an employee at The Data Vault for 12 years, and is the reigning employee of the quarter.

One of her main duties is conducting research and educating customers, along with processing customer orders, and performing data entry/labeling/inventory records maintenance for the climate controlled vault. Setting up new accounts and maintaining existing customer records in our databases is also at the top of her daily “to-do” list.

“It’s always a challenge to ensure that things run smoothly for our operations department, while meeting our customer’s needs as closely as possible,” Terri said. “I love to help customers, as well as our staff, solve problems.”

the data vault

In her spare time, Terri enjoys reading, watching movies and adding to her various collections.

“I treasure hunt: I go to flea markets, yard sales, auctions, etc., to find antiques and collectibles. I also enjoy the great outdoors, figure 8 racing and live music with my sweetheart, Mark.”

She has three children — Melanie, Anthony and 10-year-old Ian — as well as two grandchildren, Layla (12) and Evan (6).

I asked if there is anything about her that might surprise people, Terri said, “Those who don’t know me well may be surprised to learn that I am a huge fan of movie history, especially the silents. I watch and read everything I can from and about that era.”


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