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Records Management Risk Caused By Few Employees

New studies have confirmed what many experts always suspected: 75% of records management related risk can be traced back to just 1% of employees.

The research by Cloudlock shows that responsible parties can range from administrator level supervisors to entry level employees, but there are nearly universal practices that lead to this exposure. These users are typically sending out plain-text passwords, accidentally downloading malware, leaving sensitive information out in public view, not following proper security procedures, and engaging in other types of dangerous behaviors. With data breaches becoming more widespread and businesses finding themselves in the crosshairs of criminals looking to steal protected data, it behooves records managers to pay attention to this possible avenue of attack.

With limited resources available, the easiest way to shut this problem down is by focusing training and compliance efforts on the small minority of users who continue to engage in such behavior. By identifying the people responsible, you can efficiently reduce the vast majority of risk in the shortest amount of time. Targeted efforts are showing large scale results, as one enterprise was able to reduce the amount of risky file sharing by 62% in one day by reaching out to the selected personnel. Oftentimes these problem staff are unintentionally causing issues, and small reminders can correct basic practices to bring them back into line.

If you have any questions about modern information management procedures or how to reduce the risk of exposure, our team of experts at The Data Vault stand ready to discuss options and best practices for organizations of any size. Whether you’re using virtualized servers in an information rich environment or simply looking to craft an efficient records management program, our range of unique and customized solutions can fit the needs of a rapidly changing world. Contact us today and we will be in touch!


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