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Trouble with File Indexing?

As files accumulate, workflow processes slow, customer service begins to suffer, and the risk of non-compliance increases. Information becomes difficult to find and labor-intensive to retrieve. If file indexing isn’t what you do best, then keeping up with the proper categorization and classification of paper records is a drain on your resources and a distraction from your real area of expertise. When filing cabinet full of improperly organized and haphazardly labeled documents are staring back at you, it’s a challenge to even know where to begin.

Louisville’s professional file indexing solution

Proper file indexing is a cornerstone of good records management. The Data Vault is Louisville’s resource for professional file indexing services. Our records management specialists take you from disorganized file room and/or office full of document storage cartons to a fully compliant file management solution that incorporates optimal records retention practices. We help you:

  • organize documents
  • classify files
  • re-index business records
  • securely purge obsolete files

Files are indexed according to your business needs and industry requirements. If you do not have a complete list of your business records, we will create a master inventory that streamlines the time and resources required to find files. We also combine our file indexing services with our records storage solution for a secure, efficient and cost-effective method for managing your archival and semi-active document inventory.

Improved accessibility to your business files

An accessible records system not only improves your workflow capabilities but is also important to your organization’s longevity. The Data Vault’s advanced indexing methods allow you to review your records inventory using just your computer and internet connection. Using our remote access software, file pickup or delivery can be requested from the convenience of your own office. Files can also be searched for according to, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • department
  • client and/or patient number
  • file type
  • retention period

For more information about The Data Vault’s file indexing services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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