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Company File Sharing Policies Create Vulnerability

Most modern offices utilize some sort of file sharing system. Whether it’s through communal workstation hard drives or via services like Dropbox or Microsoft 365, employee collaboration has never been easier than it is today. However, troubling statistics emerge when looking at the organizational policies in place to handle these sort of practices. Serious lack of security features, non-existent usage guidelines, and lack of IT staff support all create a dangerous mix that is vulnerable to both internal and external threats.

During a recent survey of enterprise level companies, nearly 50% of information technology personnel polled believed that their company lacks control over staff used file sharing programs. As part of this, they also stated that access control to sensitive documents was not being monitored, creating opportunities for malicious intrusion and fraud. With IT departments not being included in the deployment of these new technologies for employees, reports of staff using personal accounts to share confidential documents are on the rise; leading to security headaches down the road.

Seeing these sort of practices become widespread has experts concerned about the future. Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon Institute thinks that unsecured file sharing has as the potential to be just as harmful as data theft. “While most companies take steps to protect themselves from hacking and other malicious activities, this report shows these same organisations are entirely unprepared to guard against risky and ungoverned file sharing using consumer-grade applications like Dropbox,” he said, “and the goal of senior leadership going forward should be to provide appropriate, secure systems and enforce policies to reduce the risk created by employees behaving badly.”

With issues like these popping up on a more regular basis, the best time to do a full review of your organizational policies is as soon as possible. The quicker you bring the various practices into line, the lower the chances are of an unfortunate security incident (or worse) affecting your business and your bottom line. Here at The Data Vault we have 30 years of helping companies cope with the changing nature of storing information, and we’re happy to help with any consultation needs. If you have concerns about the way employees are utilizing certain sharing technologies or cloud computing services, head over to our contact us page and we’d be more than happy to set up a time for one of our experts to discuss it with you!



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