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Five Key Reasons for Document Shredding in Your Company

In 2011, Identity theft increased by 13 percent over 2010, according to study by Javelin Strategy & Research. The study showed that nearly 12 million adults were victims of identity theft that year. In m any cases document shredding could have helped thwart those breaches.

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Are you shredding your confidential business documents? If not, you should be.

While these startling numbers represent consumers, the fact is that a business can be a victim as well if sensitive information is compromised. According to a blog post on, there are five key reasons why your company should practice document shredding.

1. Identity Theft Can Bring Your Business Down. You’ve heard the phrase “dumpster diving.” Where do your company’s sensitive documents end up?

2. It’s the Law. Privacy and security legislation is getting stiffer and is being enforced. Why mess with the law?

3. Protect Your Reputation. How much time have you spent building your business and your company’s reputation? If your customers’ critical information is compromised, it could take years to rebuild that trust.

4. Avoid Corporae Espionage. If you spend money, manpower, sweat and tears developing a new product or business process, your competition would probably love to get its hands on your work. Shred the evidence and dispose of it so that even James Bond couldn’t recover it.

5. Save Space. Think about it: Why store old documents you don’t need? They take up valuable space, and are costing you money if you are storing them off-site.

Again, be sure to read the whole post on And if your Louisville, Ky.-area business needs document shredding services, The Data Vault is here to help.


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