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Four Key Benefits to Document Scanning

Hesitant to to spend the company’s money on a document scanning solution to convert the massive number of hard copy files to digital? It’s understandable — document scanning can be an expensive proposition.

File cabinet

Do you really have the space to store all that paper?

The fact is, however, that business is going digital. And it’s not just about keeping up; there are a number of reasons why converting your important business documents to digital files is a good investment of your organization’s time and expense. Here are the top four:

1. Security – It’s not as easy to back up a piece of paper to data tape, disk or cloud as it is a PDF. That’s pretty simple. Additionally, hard copies can far more easily be stolen, misplaced or lost.

Scanning your hard copy documents also gives you the ability to store them in an electronic document management system, making it easier to not only protect files, but access them and track edits and updates.

And besides, who needs all those bulky file folders lying around the office taking up valuable space?

2. Compliance – Government regulatory guidelines can be a pain in the … well, you know. And if your company is having trouble following regulations, there’s a good chance it’s because your document tracking and retrieval procedures aren’t working for you. That can mean fines, penalties and general unhappiness.

But scanned documents don’t get lost, and the government would much rather have that file it needs from you quickly by way of e-mail than slowly by way of fax or, heaven forbid, the U.S. Postal Service.

3. The Environment – Referring back to the second reason for a document scanning solution, think about how much paper is saved by e-mailing digital documents versus photocopying hard copies for mass distribution? Seriously, how many trees do we need to slaughter in the name of capitalism?

Not only that, but you can even spin the practice of scanning and digital distribution to enhance an image of environmental awareness. Kermit the Frog observed that it ain’t easy being green, but it sure is good PR.

4. Easy Backup – This one’s pretty simple. Think about it: If you have a devastating fire, and it hits your paper records, your business may literally go up in smoke. If you have digital copies and you’re savvy enough to have off-site backups, you still have a mess and a difficult situation, but you haven’t lost the farm.

And there you have it — four compelling reasons to consider a document scanning solution for your business’s vital records. To read more, check out this post from


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