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Four Trends Driving the Need for Data Recovery

Ninety percent of the world’s data was created within the last two years. It’s a staggering figure. Predictably, data recovery solutions in enterprises of all sizes lag behind.

In this recent story by, four key trends are driving the need for backup and data recovery are identified:

1. Cloud: Data protection as-a-service
2. Mobile: Trying to push data out to the edge
3. Social: Creating all new types of data
4. Big Data: More data that is needing to be protected

big data - data recovery

OK, who sent the grizzly bear a meeting invite? (Photo courtesy of Scott Calleja) reports that data protection has become a $2 trillion industry. That’s right, that was a “tr” and not a “b.” Again, it’s a staggering figure to contemplate. And big data continues to multiply exponentially.

I see cloud backup and data recovery solutions as more of a product than a driver, but the point is taken. Data-protection-as-a-service drives enterprises to make new decisions regarding its data protection, to look at existing solutions more closely. Hey, if there’s a grizzly bear in the conference room, you can’t ignore it — you have to do something about it.

Mobile and social are similar drivers in that they are two relatively recent drivers that push the creation of media, thus further driving the need for greater data recovery capabilities. Every tweet, every Facebook post and every text add to the growth. Think about how many times you texted your husband, your girlfriend, your teen-age child just last month. Now imagine the vast majority of Americans doing the same. And that doesn’t even measure the social media side.

And we’ve already discussed Big Data. Big Data has become a big buzzword so quickly that it’s already nearly a cliche. But the fact is, it’s real and it’s not going away. And it has to be dealt with. It’s the grizzly bear in every enterprise.

In short, this is not your father’s data recovery, where you simply make sure the file cabinets are kept in a clean, dry storage space. Big Data is here to make sure we up our backup and data recovery game. Bring your gun, because this is one big grizzly bear.

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