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Free Report: Repairing the Broken State of Backup and Data Recovery

Our data recovery technology partner, by way of Gartner, is now offering a free report titled “Repairing the Broken State of Backup.”

broken backup - data recovery

Is your IT in disrepair? This new report may help.

The report examines the key challenges facing IT professionals and the problems they are experiencing in trying to address these problems, particularly when it comes to data backup and recovery.

Some of these problems include facing the sheer growth of the amount of data, more stringent SLAs and scalability issues due to outdated backup models. In short, data backup and data recovery gets more complicated as data gets bigger.

The report offers eight methods – with full descriptions and action items – of gaining control over IT backup, including:

1. Fully Implement Current Backup Solution Capabilities
2. Implement Archiving and Improved Data Management Practices
3. Evaluate Newer Backup Pricing Models
4. Fully Implement Data Reduction
5. Implement Unified Recovery Management (Snapshot and Replication Support)
6. Implement Tiered Recovery
7. Perform Regular Restore Testing
8. Ensure That the Cloud Backup Has a Local Copy

Again, the report is free for download, and offers some good insight into the emerging ways of dealing with data backup and data recovery. Highly recommended.


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