Frequently Asked Questions

Please provide us with a complete records transmittal list, the location of the boxes, and the number of boxes. If boxes are picked up from a location other than your local address, contact TheDataVault to discuss your needs.

Call customer service at 502-244-1151 OR Email request to:, OR Log onto & place request via DOC.

Data on command – Free service offered through our website

View and sort inventory listing, view and print invoices and make service requests

For initial log-in, please call and speak to a customer service representative

Please provide us with the barcode/tracking number (as it appears on your transmittal list or inventory listing on DOC) and/or the box or file name of the record requested.

If you have a file request; consider our Scan on Demand service where the contents of a file are scanned and available for electronic retrieval. This enables any document, any time, anywhere.

On a pickup of 25 boxes or less, we’ll schedule in the afternoon for a morning call, or the next day for an afternoon call.  For over 25 boxes, we’ll schedule a truck within a couple of days.  Of course, if there are special needs or schedule requirements, we’ll pull out all stops to meet them.

Authorization forms are available at under Forms.

Complete, print and have a current authorized person sign the form.

Please fax completed form to 502-244-1434.

These labels contain account number and barcode with a unique tracking number for assignment of each box. Customers use these to ensure accurate input of inventory and enable quick retrievals.

By using these labels, there’s no need to give a box number; a box is able to be retrieved by the barcode/tracking number. This prevents duplicating box numbers.

Pre-assigned labels allow boxes to be inventoried quickly in the event that you need to retrieve a box/file right away.

Call or email your request for labels to Customer Service.

Log onto

Click on Document Imaging.

Click on Image Projects/Log In.

Once you have entered your user name and password, all scanned files are available for viewing.

This is what we call an Interfile. Files can be added to a box or individual document can be added to a box OR an individual document can be added to a file already in a box. Simply provide us with a box number and file information.

Your account executive can marshal the resources to help you manage business information efficiently and professionally.

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