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Hard Drive Shredding

How dependent have we become on personal computers and laptops? Either at work or at home, we consistently seem to be increasing our time pecking away on a keyboard. We put everything from our company’s confidential records, to our personal and financial information, and even photos and favorite songs. For most of us, computers are an essential component to organizing our lives.

So what happens when a company upgrades our pc, or we buy a new laptop for home? Sure we have IT download all the pertinent programs to our new machine, and we move our favorite photos over to our shiny new toy, but what happens to the old computers? Most of the time, they get buried in a closet somewhere and all but forgotten. The truth is, a lot of times these machines still hold a great deal of secure or confidential information including social security numbers and bank account transactions and balances. For companies or individuals the information saved on these is extremely confidential and should be handled with the upmost security in mind.

The best way to dispose of this secure information is by removing and destroying the hard drive from these old computers. Hard drive shredding is the best guarantee that others do not gain access to any of you or your company’s vital or personal information. The Data Vault can now help with put your mind at ease when transitioning to new hardware. We now have both the procedures and equipment that makes this process simple, yet secure. The Data Vault can scan verify serial numbers on these hard drives prior to shredding. This allows us to give a detailed certificate of destruction so that you don’t have to worry about your vital information getting into the wrong hands. Give us a call today if you are interested in learning more about this service.

Written by: MPayton


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