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Healthcare Industry Prone To Data Breaches

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New studies are showing an alarming rise in the number of cyber attacks targeting healthcare companies, leading to a 340% increase in breaches within the medical sector. According to software vendors, “criminals are targeting these organisations because of the rocketing black market value of personal medical data” and have realized that this information sells for up to 10 times more than data gleaned from other sources.

Unfortunately this issue isn’t restricted to the United States, as systems worldwide find themselves under assault. The British National Health Service has been particularly struggling with the onslaught, even as security experts race to catch up with new code and strategies. “While the finance and retail sectors have long honed their cyber defences, our research illustrates that healthcare organisations must quickly advance their security posture to meet the challenges inherent in the digital economy – before it becomes the primary source of stolen personal information.” says Carl Leonard of Raytheon Websense.

One of the key factors to addressing this issue are the problems associated with human error. The majority of successful attacks today occur not because of flaws in security measures, but as a result of mistakes by employees (clicking on unknown email attachments, surfing restricted websites at work, tossing sensitive information in the trash) that lead to outside access. Comprehensive retention policies and training can help mitigate this risk, but many organizations don’t have flexible plans that can adapt to the rapidly changing world of technology.

The Data Vault has been helping businesses in our community address the growing concerns of information management for over 30 years, providing advice and guidance during times of transition. If you have any questions about common sense strategies like highly secure backups, monitored data storage, and other options to help combat these growing threats please contact us and one of our team members will be in touch!


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