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Helping The Environment While Helping You

From its founding in the early 1970’s to modern times, the environmental awareness movement has become an integral part of American society. Greater focus on our shared planet and the effects that pollution can have on it has facilitated open and beneficial discussion on ways to minimize the damage present from human activities. Here at The Data Vault, we’re firm believers that recycling is an integral part of that plan, and in 2013 we’re proud to have processed over 378 tons of paper, 50,000 magnetic tape drives, 500 hard drives, 100 desktop computers, 21 laptops, 26 servers, and over 300 pounds of assorted electronic waste.  If you have old electronics that need to be shredded or recycled, give us a call at (502) 244 – 1151 or head over to our contact page and we’ll get in touch with you!



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