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HIPAA Enforcement Begins; Are You Ready?

It was March when the new HIPAA patient privacy rules changes went into effect, but the government was kind enough to give medical practices six months’ head start before it started enforcing those changes.

The time is now. Is your medical practice ready? According to this article by, many practices are not.

For doctors and their employees, these types of changes often get lost in the busy day-to-day bustle of managing office procedures and, most importantly, treating patients.

The updates expand patients’ rights in terms of procurement of their files. In addition, medical practices will be on the hook for not only beefing up their security to avoid data breaches but also for proving they have security plans in place.

In addition, these new changes make HIPAA patient privacy rules apply to business associates of medical practices. It all gets pretty hairy. If you haven’t read the changes, you can do so here.


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