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Hospitals Embracing Use of Cloud Backup and Recovery

About 600 million imaging procedures are performed each year by healthcare providers in the U.S., including CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds and MRIs, according to a story by The Wall Street Journal. And due to HIPAA regulations, these files must be kept a minimum of seven years, which is fast creating a data management logjam.

Wall Street Journal healthcare cloud infographic


The story notes that as a result of this rapid growth, more and more healthcare facilities are turning to cloud backup and recovery to store and protect these image files. It’s a sound reason for migration. Image archives are increasing by as much as 40% annually, according to AT&T Inc., so which makes more sense: Investing potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in physical IT infrastructure, or turn to a scalable, more cost-effective and cutting edge cloud solution?

And it’s not even just about the storage and recovery dilemma of this healthcare version of Big Data. One can also assert, as noted in the Journal story, that “by allowing health-care providers to store, view and share patient medical images expeditiously over a secure network, they can help doctors make diagnoses faster, reduce the need for duplicate images and protect patients from the extra radiation exposure of having another CT scan because an original can’t be found.”

Cloud backup and recovery systems also can let doctors call up historical images for comparison quickly and easily, the article notes.

And while many organizations are still concerned about security with a cloud backup and recovery solution, the truth is that cloud-based storage is perhaps more secure than an in-house alternative. For instance, TDV Cloud is powered by Asigra, a product designed with HIPAA and industry compliance requirements in mind.

In fact, it’s the only cloud data recovery solution with NIST-approved FIPS 140-2 certification, meeting the most stringent healthcare compliance requirements, and could actually be a perfect fit for this growing healthcare industry need for cloud backup and recovery.

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