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How Much Time Do You Spend Practicing Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Here’s the question of the year: What percentage of total working hours is spent annually by your IT team in practicing your disaster recovery plan?

Our partners over at Asigra posed this question and want you to answer in this poll of IT professionals.

Is it less than 1 percent of your IT staff’s time? More than 20 percent? How much time should they be spending practicing your disaster recovery plan?

disaster recovery - business continuity plan

“This looks like a guy who didn’t test his DRP.”

While this question seems like a simple query by Asigra on the surface, I believe it is intended to force IT professionals to stop and really think about it. Look, every IT professional across any number of organization types is busy with his or her job. It’s the nature of the business, and it is an invitation to put off doing disaster recovery plan test runs. offers some good insight in this article. The article recommends:

At least once a year, the IT recovery team conducts an incident-based walk-through of the disaster recovery plan to verify the plan is consistent with team members’ expectations and that it can work regardless of the type of disaster.

Twice a year, the IT team will need to test its ability to recover at a hot site or redundant data center site with an active technical test. In the second test, they should test the recovery of the network infrastructure.

Taking the time to run these tests in the short-term could save a lot of lost data and lost business continuity in the long-term in the event of a data disaster.


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