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Hybrid Tape & Cloud Systems Continue To Evolve


Following in the footsteps of Sony’s innovative advances in magnetic tape capacity last year, IBM has recently announced an initiative to combine the cost effective benefits of the drives with the flexibility and reliability of cloud computing technology. With a brand new technique allowing them to increase the capacity to 225 terabytes of information per unit, this technology has broad implications for enterprise scale users that deal in large amounts of data.

Despite the dropping price of hard drives, for bulk data storage the most efficient method still takes the form of magnetic media. A hard drive system with the equivalent storage capacity to one of the new magnetic tapes would cost more than $10,000 – which is simply beyond the budget allowances of most companies. However, with the shifting nature of our modern economy, there is also an increased demand for cloud based solutions that are flexible enough to deploy to mobile users and other applications. Traditional tape backups did not allow for these sort of uses, but with the new abilities there can be a fusion of the two interests: low cost storage with the benefits of the cloud.

The United State Army has taken an interest in this unified system, and will be one of the first to test it’s full potential. By switching from their previous cloud model to the hybrid solution, the Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) unit is looking at savings of about 50% of the cost from before. In an era of governmental budgetary oversight, such savings are crucial to maintaining the same level of capability as before while helping reduce the costs associated with the activity. According to Anne Altman, general manager of cloud computing at IBM: “The Army not only recognized a trend in IT that could transform how they deliver services to their logistics personnel around the world, they also implemented a cloud environment quickly and are already experiencing significant benefits.”

With the changing economy, everyone has questions about where the future of information storage lies. Our dedicated team of professionals at The Data Vault has over 32 years of experience in predicting the development of records storage techniques, and would be happy to discuss any concerns or interests you may have. Contact us today and someone will be in touch!


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