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Increased Awareness Leads To Improved Privacy Practices

Finally some good news in the ongoing fight against online security breaches. According to a Microsoft survey, while four in ten Americans continue to experience identity theft attacks annually it appears that recent media coverage of data breaches has led to positive behavioral changes. The results noted that up to three quarters of respondents were taking at least some measures to protect themselves online, a jump of 25% from the previous study.

imageWhen digging deeper into the results, some heartening trends emerged. Average people are becoming more cautious about cellphone and tablet use as online criminals have shifted their focus from standard desktop computers to the rapidly emerging mobile markets. Including such things as only downloading applications from trusted publishers, keeping phone software updated, and always using an access PIN code (up 19% from 2012); these proven methods helped foil a large majority of the easiest attacks. Also included in this increased awareness was a better knowledge of general scams out in the open, including the standard phishing attempts that typically prey on the elderly or infirm.

While social networking based attacks and scams are on the rise, in this modern era of massive corporate data breaches it is encouraging to see people taking steps to protect themselves. Awareness of the threats online has always been one of the biggest challenges to the adoption of more rigorous security standards, and it’s better late than never. Here at The Data Vault we’re passionate about finding ways to educate more people on the challenges of securing themselves online, and as times have changed so have we. Whether it’s shredding physical financial documents or taking the time to change passwords on your computer; every step counts!


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