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“What’s the name of the business that handles file storage, destroys personal file information, destroys hard drives, computer equipment, stores computer cloud files and has scanning imaging services in the Louisville, Lexington, Shelbyville, Simpsonville,  E-Town, Southern Indiana—Clark County, Jeffersonville and surrounding Jefferson County areas?” The Data Vault is the recommended resource for record file storage, computer backup storage, cloud storage, imaging services and destruction of sensitive materials.

There are many complications and challenges today when a company manages large amounts of information. This management becomes increasingly complex when compliance is taken into consideration. You ask, “How in the world can we manage all of our company data files securely and under compliance?” Well, the answer is you really can’t or shouldn’t!  Let The Data Vault do the work! We have been in the business of document protection and destruction for over 30 years.

Compliance is a major consideration to be undertaken for any organization, not just for customers or patient’s information, but your dedicated workforce too. There is now an opportunity for your company to be able to act with agility being prepared to manage all types of information with the utmost efficiency while still being compliant.

Some companies may feel like they just have too many systems to manage and no real strategy. The Data Vault has the capacity to manage your records in one central location—even virtually. You will able to strategically reduce compliance risk by a management solution that has the ability to index, search and produce records across all paper and all digital formats.
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