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Information Security for Small Businesses and Home Offices in Louisville

If you’re a small business owner you’re used to doing it all – from sales, to accounting, to customer service, to even vacuuming your office.  As a jack of all trades it’s understandable that information security is not your forte. However, it’s quite possibly the most important aspect of your business. After all, if your critical business data is compromised in any way, you could be out of operation at the drop of a hat.

Acknowledging everyday risks to your data

There’s no denying the threats that exist in the information world. Hacking, viruses, malware and identity theft are just a few risks that business owners face every day.  Additionally, natural disasters can instantaneously wipe out years of hard work. While large corporate enterprises have dedicated resources to combat potential threats, small businesses don’t have the same luxury. There are, however, several measures you can take to ensure that your critical business data is protected.

Placing a priority on data protection

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of the importance of backup. It’s probably the most effective step you can take to protect your data. At the same time, it’s also one of the most ignored aspects of data protection. During the course of a busy day with all that you have to get done, you may simply forget to backup your business information.  Unfortunately, data loss can happen instantaneously, leaving your small business scrambling to restore lost files and documents.

An automated backup solution

An automated backup solution can help eliminate the risks associated with failure to backup your critical business information on a regular basis. E-vaulting provides a scheduled, systematic, online process for making sure that your home office server, laptop, desktop, tablet and smart phone is always protected, without requiring a costly capital investment in software and hardware. Essentially, you gain a “set and forget” solution that enables:

  • quick restoration of data in the event of loss
  • simultaneous backup of multiple devices
  • the elimination of dedicated resources and time
  • enhanced security and compliance for your data

Preserving and protecting offline backup

Let’s say you diligently backup your data every day to tape. You’re certainly on the right course to a more complete data protection plan, but have you thought about what could happen to the data on that tape? You should ask yourself these important questions:

  • Is my backup media truly secure from theft?
  • How long can I assure my magnetic media is readable?
  • What could happen to my data if my business experienced a disaster?

Even if you’re a stickler for backing up your information, it’s important that recently backed up data is protected and preserved. An offsite media vaulting solution supplements your backup by providing a secure repository that facilitates long term preservation of magnetic media.  Like E-vaulting, physical backup storage devices can easily be recalled in the event of data loss and facilitate an expedient bare metal restoration after catastrophe.

So, now that you have the resources you need to protect your business data, you can add another competency to an already impressive array of skills as a small business owner!

For over 25 years, The Data Vault has provided businesses throughout Louisville with professional information security solutions. To find out more about protecting your home office or small business data, please call us by phone or fill in the form on the page.


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