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Securing The New “Internet of Things”


As one of the biggest buzzwords of 2015, the so called internet of things has been receiving ample press coverage from media outlets this year. While you may not be familiar with it by it’s technical terminology, it’s almost certain that you have interacted with the growing number of devices that are part of this network (4.9 billion and counting); including internet enabled TVs, wearable fitness trackers, Bluetooth audio speakers, or more unusual devices like connected refrigerators.

While most conventional commentators have been focusing on consumer applications and benefits, there is an entire ecosystem springing up that is dedicated to supporting this growing field. With ever larger numbers of devices coming online, exponentially increasing data storage requirements are creating a surge in IT infrastructure investment. One critical area where focus has been lax is on the backup of all this big data being collected, raising the prospect of major losses in case of accidents or disaster.

Thankfully, industry experts are beginning to realize this flaw has potential to hold back the entire field and needs to be rectified before long. Regulators have caught onto the fact that wearable fitness trackers are collecting information that is covered by HIPAA laws, requiring certain handling procedures for those specific devices. In addition, recent security breaches at major corporate centers has shaken the trust of an industry accustomed to advanced security at bottom of the barrel prices; leading to a search for an acceptably advanced alternative.

With enterprise grade security software and backup support, organizations involved in this growing industry can rest easy knowing that their bulk data can be securely restored in case of an accident. Featuring regulatory compliant encryption standards and flexible deployment for companies of any size, The Data Vault Cloud can meet the requirements that you’re looking for. If you’ve been looking for a backup solution with the features to meet your needs, contact us today and one of our experts can review your requirements and see if our platform is a good match for you!


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