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Introducing New & Improved Cloud Recovery

Following an extensive research and testing phase, we’re proud to launch an updated offering for cloud based disaster recovery. This solution builds on existing capabilities, providing more customization and value for companies looking to take backups to the next level.

Utilizing the industry recommended 3-2-1 model, this service provides a flexible system that can help safeguard against ransomware and other digital threats through a detailed formula: three copies of the data (one primary copy and two backups) in two forms of storage media (hard drive, magnetic tape, flash storage) and one of those copies stored offsite in the cloud.

With industry leading encryption and around the clock monitoring, the system offers enterprise grade safeguards at competitive pricing levels. Ideal for organizations ready to switch to cloud based technology but concerned about overwhelming costs, our experienced team at The Data Vault helps guide clients through every step of the migration and replication process. You can find out more about this solution by visiting


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