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Is BYOD Really an IT Nightmare?

A recent study by the Aberdeen Group showed a dramatic rise in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) usage from 2008-2012, according to an article by

dream catcher - BYOD

A dream catcher can’t save you from the BYOD nightmare. But TDV Cloud can.

The report traces the rise back to the debut of the online “app store,” which occured in 2008, the article states. Aberdeen reports that from January 2008 to July 2012, the percentage of responding businesses which permitted employee-owned smart phones, tablets and other smart devices for business purposes grew from 10 percent to more than 80 percent.

But that doesn’t mean IT professionals are necessarily happy about it. In fact, it’s a nightmare of sorts that may present more problems than solutions.

“Creating a BYOD policy presents a difficult choice for companies,” writes TechTarget’s David Linthicum. “Either you limit the use of devices that may make employees more productive and happy, or you open up the enterprise to some huge security and legal issues. In many respects, it’s a catch-22 for enterprise IT.”

Meanwhile, a report by CloudTech says that for three in four IT professionals, BYOD is one of the biggest obstacles toward cloud backup adoption.

But Linthicum’s point is that you can’t stop employees from using their own devices, so companies need to adopt BYOD policies — and enforce them. Yes, backing up the data can be a challenge, but if you find the right kind of cloud backup software, it’s easier than you think. You know, assuming your BYOD policies are strong and upheld.

We offered similar advice just last week. TDV Cloud offers a secure and efficient answer to BYOD cloud backup — an answer that won’t give your IT staff nightmares.


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